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What is the mosaic?

A mosaic is a pettern made of small regular or irregular pieces of colored stones, glass or ceramic, held in place by plaster and covering a surface. Mosaics are often used as floor and wall decoration.

What is the Mosaïcafé?

The Mosaïcafé is a original idea by Delphine Vantaggi. Itinerant since 2019, the classes have been created to introduce you to the art of mosaic accompanied by an expert. As a course or a workshop, you can come and participate in a class to create a unique and original piece of decorative art to take home. Depending on where the courses are located, a snack or a drink can be offered to share a convivial moment.

Where are the classes?

The courses are itinerant. Based mainly in Paris in Delphine's loft (75014, near Montparnasse), it is also possible to participate to a workshop in atypical places (bookstores, cafés, shops, hotels...) or even at home! The Mosaïcafé also sometimes travels to the rest of France for any special occasions. You can fin all the upcoming event in the " COURS" tab. For a special event, do not hesitate to send an email in the " CONTACT" tab so that we can establish a quote.

What is the price for a class?

Prices depend on the duration of the course and the type of materials used (from 25€). It also can depends on the age of the participants. You can find all the prices in the "COURS" tab or by sending an email in the "CONTACT" tab to obtain a quote.

Can I participate as a disabled person?

Depending on the place that hosts the class, access to disabled people with reduced mobility may or may not be possible. At Delphine's studio, classes are on the ground floor and are therefore accessible. Do not hesitate to send an email in the "CONTACT" tob for the course that you are interested in.

From what age can we take a mosaic class?

Mosaic classes can be taken from the age of 7 at the Mosaïcafé.

Who are the mosaic classes for?

Mosaic courses are for all curious people who want to try out a new manual activity and DIY. These courses are particularly dedicated and accessible to beginners who are looking for a new utility to their ten figuers!

How long is a class?

Depending on the size of the piece, Delphine offers many classes from 1 hour to 3h30. Some workshops can also last for 2 days (8hours) in order to create bigger artworks and lear new techniques (including cutting).

Where can I order a mosaic from the Mosaïcafé?

Every original creation (decorative and furniture) are available on the "BOUTIQUE" tab or on the Le Mosaïcafé ETSY website.

How can I order a special creation?

Personnalized mosaic are available on quote. Send me a message on the "CONTACT" form so we can discuss your project!

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